Rate Limits

Usage of Hover's API is subject to rate limits. By limiting the number of requests by integration, we protect our internal infrastructure by being negatively affected by applications that are not operating within our terms and conditions.

Hover Rate Limit

The API rate limit is set to 120 API requests per minute (RPM) OR 7200 requests per hour. Exceeding this limit will result in a 429 Rate Limit Exceeded error message, which may temporarily block further requests from being processed. To ensure seamless integration, it is recommended to implement error handling and retry logic in your application to manage potential rate limit exceedances.

Tips For Working Within Rate Limits

  • Log your requests and response codes within your integration to see how many requests you are making over the course of your highest volume hour(s).
  • If you're exceeding the 120 requests per minute rate limit, add small periods of wait/sleep times between your API requests.