Integration Overview

The HOVER for Salesforce (Unlocked) integration is an open-source package that allows users to seamlessly connect their Salesforce instance with Hover. The integration allows users to generate Hover Jobs or Connect Requests directly from Salesforce data, while also automatically fetching measurement data and the corresponding Hover measurements PDF into Salesforce upon completion of the property capture and processing through Hover's 3D reconstruction pipeline.

This integration streamlines the process of creating and processing Hover Jobs within your Salesforce workflows. It facilitates a seamless exchange of data between Salesforce and Hover, empowering an automated experience and eliminating double-entry of data between platforms.

At a high level, this integration:

  • Creates Hover Jobs or Connect Requests based on data within another Salesforce object (lead, opportunity, claim, or any custom object).
  • Automatically retrieves a property’s measurement data when a property capture is completed and successfully proceed by Hover.
  • Automatically retrieves the Hover Measurements PDF report and attaches it to the Hover Job object in Salesforce when a property capture is completed and successfully processed by Hover.

This integration requires a special installation link and password. If you're interested in using Hover's Salesforce integration, please fill out this form and the install link and password will be sent to you.