Get JSON Measurements

Why would I use this?

This endpoint will return measurement data in JSON format. You might use this endpoint to get the measurements of your structure in a JSON format to populate into your businesses CRM for tracking or to do calculations for content to add to a sales pitch.

The following parameters are available to pass into the version parameter:

Summarized JSONA summarized version of the full JSON versionversion=summarized_json
Full JSONFull detailed measurement dataversion=full_json
Sketch JSONA JSON-formatted file of the Total Livng Area footprint and measurements. Only available with properties that are assigned the Total Living Area deliverableversion=sketch_json
Roof Lines JSONRetrieves all lines associated with roofing facets on HOVER models. Designed to be used with external programs designed to visualize 2D line geometry.version=roof_lines
Paint MeasurementsReturns measurements data that's specific to exterior paintversion=paint_measurements

To see code snippet example responses to each of the above JSON requests, please see the Measurements and Deliverables parent page.

Window Groups Post-Processing

Hover's PDF deliverable labels windows and window groups in order, beginning with the lowest level of the property and moving left-to-right around the structure. However, this order is not always reflected within the full_json measurement output. It is possible that the order of the objects within the window_groups array are not ordered numerically. Hover's system cannot guarantee the "correct" order of window groups.

Should your integration need this data to be ordered similarly to the PDF deliverable, we recommend a post-processing step that will re-order these objects. This can be completed programmatically after the full_json body is retrieved using the name key/value pair within each window_group object.

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