List Capture Requests

This endpoint obtains a list of all Capture Requests associated with the authenticated Hover org.

Why would I use this?

You may want to use this endpoint if your business is not using webhooks. This endpoint can help you zero in on a particular Job ID or Capture Request ID based on other attributes of that Capture Request that you do know, such as location or Capture Request state. Once you have the ID of the Capture Request you desire, you can use this to hit other endpoints to perform actions of obtain data. You may also use this endpoint to populate a dashboard tracking percent of Capture Requests completed.

Determining Capture Request State

  • If job_id and capturing_user_id is null then the capture request is in the new state.
  • if job_id is null and capturing_user_id isn't then the capture request is in the connectedstate.
  • If job_id and capturing_user_id are set then the request is in the complete state.

Response Code Snippet

See an example 200 response here, then follow below to learn more about the request, and what makes up the responses.

    "requested_captures": {
        "pagination": {
            "current_page": 5,
            "total_pages": 5,
            "total": 106
        "results": [
                "id": 1521811,
                "capturing_user_name": "Lucille Bluth",
                "capturing_user_phone": "5558675309",
                "capturing_user_email": "[email protected]",
                "capturing_user_id": null,
                "requesting_user_id": 1153372,
                "identifier": "Tddf5w",
                "claim_number": null,
                "state": "new",
                "signup_type": "homeowner",
                "job_attributes": {
                    "name": "Vacation Home",
                    "location_line_1": "123 Hover Way",
                    "location_line_2": "Apartment 22",
                    "location_city": "Los Angeles",
                    "location_region": "CA",
                    "location_postal_code": "90210",
                    "external_identifier": "8675309",
                    "deliverable_id": 3,
                    "client_identifier": "4ea9fdab-3fbb-482d-bf6d-db343b94951b"
                "captured_user_id": null,
                "pending_job_id": 10168629,
                "requesting_user": {
                    "name": "Integration User",
                    "email": "[email protected]",
                    "org": {
                        "id": 492855,
                        "name": "Bluth Company",
                        "preferences": {
                            "external_identifier_label": "Lead Number",
                            "external_identifier_required": false
                "org_id": 492855
    "capture_requests": {
        "pagination": {
            "current_page": 5,
            "total_pages": 5,
            "total": 106
        "results": []

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