Create Job Share Links

Why would I use this?

You might use this endpoint if you regularly share links to the 3D Design with your customers. This specific endpoint allows you to create a job share link to send to that additional party.

Response Code Snippet

See an example 201 response here, a JSON blob with the details of the created Job Share link, then follow below to learn more about the request, and what makes up the responses.

    "job_share": {
        "id": 1093186,
        "job_id": 9795709,
        "user_id": 1527247,
        "recipient_id": null,
        "token": "AyyAP33PEBy_9AdvV1s7",
        "external_service": null,
        "external_identifier": null,
        "expired": false,
        "expires_at": "2023-09-19T20:13:18.890Z",
        "url": "",
        "image_url": "",
        "video_url": "",
        "open_graph_url": "",
        "street_address": "123 HOVER Way",
        "state": null

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