The Image API let's you download the images uploaded for a job. Two types of images are exposed:
The original image as it was uploaded.
A processed version of the image that's been converted into a common format, stripped of it's original .exif data, and it's orientation normalized so that all pixels are right side up.

To get an image you'll need to construct it's URL. The unique part of an image URL is the ID of the image. You can get image IDs by utilizing the Show Job Details endpoint.

When you request the image you will be redirected to another URL. Currently, that's a pre-authenticated Amazon S3 URL. There you'll find the actual image file. Some clients will automatically follow the redirect and return the image. If you don't follow the redirect the final URL to the image can be found in the "Location" header of the response. That URL should function for at least 10 minutes before it expires.