Capture Requests

Capture requests are typically used to invite another user outside of your Org to capture a job for you. For example, a contractor can create a capture request that is sent to a homeowner. This sends the homeowner a text message and/or email inviting them to capture a Hover property, depending on your organization's preferences.

A Hover job is created along with the capture request. If you would like to create a job without notifying an external stakeholder to capture the property, use the create a job endpoint to create a job record.

When a capture request is created, either the user requesting the capture, or the user receiving the capture request can perform the photo capture. Once the requested capture is complete, both the capturing user and creator get access to the job. Upon creation of a capture request, Hover will send notifications to capturing_user_email and capturing_user_phone, instructing them to download the app and take the photos.

It is possible for either of the users involved in a capture request to complete the capture. To identify the user who completed a capture request, you can reference the captured_user_id attribute on a completed job object.

Connect Request vs Capture Request

The terms "Connect request" and "Capture request" are often used interchangeably by our customers and do mean the same thing.

Getting a Capture Request Link

To learn how to get a link to a Capture Request, please see our guide here.