Update a Job to Test State Complete

Why would I use this?

This endpoint simulates the Hover 3D reconstruction pipeline in approximately 60 seconds and is the recommended endpoint to use for integration testing. You can set the state parameter to failed to simulate/handle instances where a job fails in the Hover pipeline. You can set the state parameter to complete to simulate/handle instances where a job is successful and all measurement and deliverable data is available.

Each deliverable has sample/fake data that will return when the job is "completed" through this endpoint.

If you're utilizing webhooks, you'll see multiple job-state-changed events for this job as it passes through each particular job state.

πŸ›‘ Note the current state of the job before using this endpoint πŸ›‘

Setting the test state only works when the job is in the uploading or processing_upload states. Once the job has progressed beyond that point, it has already entered our processing pipeline and it's too late to set its test state.

Successful Response

A successful response looks like a 200 with an empty body, indicating the update to the Job Test State was made.

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