Re-Assign Job to a User

Why would I use this?

This request will assign a job to a different user on a given org. You might use this if you wanted to re-assign a job to a different field technician to complete; for example user A initially assigned to the job is no longer servicing the neighborhood, but user B is. You can reassign user A's job to user B.

Using Reassign with Capture Requests

If you have created a Job via a Capture Request and would like to change the Assignee, please use this endpoint. πŸ›‘ In order to do so you will need the identifier attribute which can be obtained from the response returned upon Capture Request creation. πŸ›‘

Response Code Snippet

If the request was successful, you'll get back a 204 response, which looks like an expty JSON blob. Follow below to learn more about the request and what makes up the responses.

//empty response -- API request was successful 

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