Get Authorization Code

This request is the first step in authenticating with HOVER's API via the Authorization Code Grant Type flow and generates an authorization code.

This step cannot be automated and requires user interaction. When your integration submits an authorization request, the user will be prompted in the window to log into HOVER, and to click an "Allow" button. Once "Allow" is clicked, the integration has access to HOVER data within that user's HOVER organization. Detailed instructions on this flow here.

After permission has been granted, the user will be redirected to the specific redirect_url in the browser with the authorization_code in the URI query string (e.g.{authorization_code}). Your application can then use this authorization code to request an access_token/refresh_token pair from the POST Access Token endpoint.

Manually Retrieving the Authorization Code (Needed for API Token)

If an integration is created, an access token can also be manually retrieved by inputting the query parameters in the section below, and using the resultant URI in the curl example to the left to reach the "Allow" page. Once allow is clicked, the resulting page's URI contains the authorization code, which can be used to request an access_token/refresh_token.

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