Within HOVER, payment information is identified as a wallet. Each wallet has a unique identifier. When creating a job or capture request the wallet id can be used to specify payment details. This can be done within in an organization, or from organization to organization through a wallet share.

Wallet Shares

Wallet shares enable you to share your wallet to another organization. This is useful when you are contracting out capture to another company, or in general when you need to pay for a job outside of your org.

Wallet shares are setup by a HOVER admin as well as preferred wallets. If you intend to use shared wallets please reach out to your HOVER contact to utilize this functionality.

The wallet share is done by passing a wallet_id when using the create a job or create a capture request endpoints. The wallet can also be selected when capturing a job on the mobile app.

Successful Response Code Snippet

See an example 200 response here, then follow below to learn more about the request, and what makes up the responses.

    "pagination": {  
        "current_page": 1,  
        "total_pages": 1,  
        "total": 1  
    "results": \[  
            "id": 259,  
            "preferred": false,  
            "shared": false,  
            "allowed_good_types": [  
            "org": {  
                "name": "HOVER Documentation",  
                "customer_display_name": "HOVER"