Register Webhook

Why would I use this?

If you want to get status updates about your processes in Hover, you'll use this end point to set up a Webhook; the webhook is your avenue to get those status updates from Hover.

What is this?

This endpoint creates a webhook. Once the webhook is created, we will POST a verification code to the URL specified in your request.

The webhook will be created in the scope of the org you are authorized under. It will only report on events that happen within that org. This includes events from any user within the organization for jobs created both in app or through API.

For each event that we send webhook notifications for we'll make a POST request to that URL. Each webhook request will include an "event" attribute that let's you know what type of even it's for. The rest of the data included is specific to the event.

Response Example

Below is an example of what you'll get back from the Register endpoint when you make a successful request. See an example 201 response here, then follow below to learn more about the request, and what makes up the responses.

    "id": 12343,
    "owner_type": "Org",
    "owner_id": 492855,
    "url": "",
    "created_at": "2023-09-11T16:39:01.906Z",
    "updated_at": "2023-09-11T16:39:01.906Z",
    "verified_at": null,
    "hmac_secret": "NDYBduht2zrCg6fMXFWadfsT8fT3gQskoFPmRen7KcksDQBqmrpHqcGdgN70ObRqLLjQxBxrTol/lia3WRHtQA==",
    "last_error": null,
    "content_type": "json"

Successful Response to Specified URL

When you have successfuly regisgtered a webhook, Hover will immediately send a JSON blob to the URL you specified in you registration (the request you sent to the Register Endpoint). This JSON blob can be seen below, and contains a code you will need to verify your webhook so Hover starts posting to it.

    "event": "webhook-verification-code",
    "code": "4addd2b9-5cd7-497f-9f32-52ff0718ddbb",
    "webhook_id": 12344

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