Retrieve Original Image

Why would I use this?

This endpoint retreives the image specified by the ID exactly as it was uploaded to HOVER. You might use this endpoint to loop through the image IDs associated with your structure to retrieve them and populate them into a sales presentation deck, or store them in a CRM.

πŸ›‘ Please note, you must know the ID of the image(s) you are requesting; to get these IDs you can hit the Job Details endpoint with the ID of the completed job, and grab the array of image IDs in the response. πŸ›‘

Successful Response

A 200 will return a .jpg image that will download as the response, you can adjust the size and quality as described above.

Supported Versions

small200x200, 60% quality
medium800x800, 60% quality
low_qualityOriginal resolution, 50% quality
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